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Thought Leadership

Discover the talent, experience, and passion our message as we answer the biggest questions on the minds of businesses looking to support diversity, equity, and inclusion. 


Elevating Voices

Discover our new Maine Public Television series "Elevating Voices" currently airing on MPBN in partnership with Greenlight Maine.  A show celebrating diversity in Maine businesses .

PR Maven Podcast: Guest Appearance

Episode 140: Supporting Maine’s newcomers and diversity in business, with Alyne Cistone, founder and CEO of Global Tides Consulting LLC

Image by C D-X

Alyne Cistone grew up in Kenya and now lives in Maine, one of the whitest states in America. In this surprisingly joyful talk she asks us to more consciously consider the experience of “others” like her as she explores the nuances of living in two worlds, split between and bridging two cultures.

Publications & Features

How to Promote DEI at Work
Alyne Cistone. Mar 8, 2021

Check out the article about our new TV series Elevating Voices featured in the April 2021 issue of Maine Women Magazine. 

Article written by Lynn Fantom

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