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Our Services

We provide strategic planning, assessment, coaching, and support for businesses that want to better serve the needs of their local and  international employees and create policies, practices, and cultures that are welcoming, inclusive, and equitable.

DEI Strategic Consulting

It's not enough to simply hire diverse employees, you need to create a climate where they will grow and thrive. This is where DEI can help. We provide coaching and strategic planning and assessment around helping make your teams more diverse, equitable, and inclusive when employing a multicultural workforce. 


Community Onboarding

Demystifying the new environment for new employees is essential for those arriving from other countries. In addition to company onboarding, foreign employees also need support navigating and integrating into the community they are living in if you want to increase engagement and retention.


At GTC we can help your business construct a comprehensive Community Onboarding process.


International Business Advising

We can help businesses expand their reach, hire internationally, and rethink how they engage with the world. Create long-term relationships across the globe and tap new markets by rethinking international networks. 


Let's Work Together

Curious about how we can partner together? Reach out now to schedule a free conversation.

Case Studies

DEI Assessment: Establishing a Baseline for Future Improvements

College of the Atlantic

Problem: How does the most sustainable college in the United States with 25% international students embrace diversity, equity and inclusion?


Solution: Global Tides, LLC served as a board liaison on the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) task force. We helped design, implement and analyze a community climate survey to highlight strengths and areas for improvement. Based on the survey results COA is examining how to remove unconscious bias from their curriculum, processes and procedures to make the college more inclusive.

Community Onboarding:

Improving the Retention for Key Hires

Jackson Laboratory

Problem: How does a world class genomic research organization attract and retain the best and brightest from around the world when moving to a new community can be personally and professionally disruptive? 


Our Solution: Working with senior leadership at JAX, we looked at the onboarding process from the perspective of new employees. We identified the major obstacles in the onboarding process. Our community on-boarding program demystified their new home, as well as helping them join their new community. As a result, researchers feel supported in their transition, they remained at JAX and had the tools to excel.

DEI Strategic Planning:  Expanding Programming to Include New Markets

Maine Public Television

Problem: How does Maine Public Television broaden the reach of its programming to highlight the diversity of Maine and accelerate entrepreneurship in all parts of the Maine community?


Solution: Global Tides, LLC partnered with Greenlight Maine to design and produce Elevating Voices. The series spotlights minority-owned companies that are often simultaneously cornerstones and economic drivers of their community and hidden from people outside of the communities. Highlighting these entrepreneurs unlocks resources, grows our economy and helps Maine’s newest residents plant roots in Maine.

International Business: Making Connections in Africa

Start Up Africa

Problem: How does a Delaware-based international NGO that partners with youth to build entrepreneurial skills expand their programming and build institutional and governmental partnerships in new areas?


Our Solution: We did board training, and then helped them plan strategic partnerships. 

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