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Community Onboarding

Demystifying the new environment for new employees is essential for those arriving from other countries. In addition to company onboarding, foreign employees also need support navigating and integrating into the community they are living in if you want to increase engagement and retention.


At GTC we can help your business construct a comprehensive Community Onboarding process. This package includes: 

Onboarding Checklist
We can create a template of important resources and information your new employees will need to thrive in their new community, including how to navigate and access essential services like financial, social, legal, municipal, medical & childcare support. We incorporate personalized introductions to vetted providers as part of the process. 
Leadership Coaching 
We can teach your HR team and managers how to best support new employees including mentorship programs, community events, and personalized introductions to key community members who can help employees identify rewarding networking and volunteer opportunities to connect to their new community. 
Examine Business Practices
We also can guide businesses to revise their onboarding process and practice to imbed community onboarding as part of the ethos of the organization. 
This could include manager training, policy drafting, and updating standard operating procedures.

Comprehensive support to meet your business where it's at.

At GTC, we provide customized strategic coaching and training to help businesses fully address the needs of their diverse teams. 

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We can help businesses figure out how to assist their employees in maintaining legal immigration status in an unpredictable immigration environment and navigating travel and consular processing challenges. 

We also offer trusted referrals for individual immigration needs, including family based immigration.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Cross-Cultural Coaching

For businesses that span continents or countries and have to navigate cross-cultural communication, conflict, and organizational structures, we can provide tools and techniques to help bridge those divides. 

GTC can help you address your organizations practices and cultural norms to ensure employees collaborate effectively.

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